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Inspiration Detail | An Intimate Affair

An Intimate Affair

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a large wedding, but when budget is a factor, a more intimate affair can be just as stunning as a large gathering. Actually, intimate weddings are very popular. For a multitude of reasons, a supersized wedding is a rarity these days. Before considering which is right for you and your groom, take a few moments to consider the many advantages of a smaller wedding.

Everyone can fit into that quaint chapel you’ve been dreaming about. You may have thought that picturesque little church with a seating capacity of only 75 was not an option. But if you trim the guest list, you can say your vows in a lovely little space that truly speaks to you and your fiancé. 

Exotic locale, here we come! Consider allocating the money you will save by downsizing your wedding plans towards an unforgettable honeymoon. Enjoy an awesome adventure in paradise and still have the wedding of your dreams.

Cut loose with your DIY talent. Special little details that would be overwhelming with a larger guest list become more manageable with a smaller wedding. Handcrafting name cards for 50 guests rather than 400 becomes an enjoyable project instead of a chore. You and your guests alike will reap the rewards of your personal attention to detail.

Trim those guests you were hesitant to omit. If it’s only immediate family and a few close friends, you don’t have to worry about offending your second cousin twice removed or the former co-worker that you only see once a year. Simply say, “We are only including immediate family.” While there may be some disappointment, everyone will understand if you are consistent with your guest list.

Revel in the extra time you can spend with those closest to you. Fewer guests in attendance will mean more time with each guest. You will be able to take a few extra moments with each and every loved one, instead of flitting from table to table for a quick hug and thank you. A more intimate affair will also make your guests feel special for being included.

Save yourself time. If you are having 40 guests instead of 300, you won’t be spending nearly as much time addressing invitations, designing a seating chart, handcrafting favors and writing thank-you notes. Everything will be on a smaller scale, including your time commitment. 

Take the pressure off. Don’t worry about impressing all of your distant relatives and former co-workers. Hosting a smaller wedding will mean less people-pleasing and more fun for you, your husband and your guests. 

You can see why an intimate wedding may be appealing. Saving money is only one benefit among many. If the thought of a huge guest list makes you feel overwhelmed and overextended, maybe it’s time to think about paring down your list. You can have the wedding of your dreams without having a big headache to go along with it! |NWD|