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Inspiration Detail | Post-Wedding Procedure

Post-Wedding Procedure

A good time was had by all, yet a few tasks still remain. To wrap things up once the wedding festivities have concluded, just follow these simple steps for stress-free handling of the final details.

You may have a few rental items, such as linens and cake stands, to return to your rental company. If this is the case, designate a family member or friend to gather the rentals as directed and return them on the first business day following your wedding.

If rented, your groom’s tux will also need to be returned. Often policies require all rentals to be returned the next day as most formal attire shops are open on the weekends. Make certain to check any pockets for keys, money, heirloom handkerchiefs or other items. Ask your father or father-in-law to return your groom’s tux along with his. If you plan to open gifts with family over brunch the day after your wedding, this is a perfect opportunity for the men to hand off their rentals to the designated person for an easy return. 

Items like picture frames, guest cards, table numbers and other décor will be left at your reception venue. Many venues allow you to store these leftover items with them until the following day, allowing your wedding night to be stress free. Remember to ask a family member or friend to pick up these items and/or discard them following your wedding day. Make a list of items you would like to keep as well as those that should be wrapped or packaged in a specific manner.

Often, the most tedious process after the wedding day is the steps required to change your name. If you plan to take your husband’s name, you will need to visit the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Social Security Administration, your bank and your insurance agency in the weeks following your wedding. For an easy how-to, just check out our “Ms. to Mrs. Guide” in FROM OUR NOTEBOOK at the back of this issue. There you will find an overview for handling changes to insurance, financial planning and banking. 

You spent significant time and money selecting and purchasing your wedding gown. Before hanging it up in a closet and forgetting about it, consider taking your bridal gown to a professional cleaner who specializes in stain removal and preservation. These professionals know how to thoroughly clean your gown, treat it for stains, and preserve it—allowing you to enjoy it well beyond your special day. 

Your floral bouquet can also be transformed into a precious keepsake with floral preservation techniques. Have your bouquet treated and preserved in a shadow box, along with any jewelry or wedding-day mementos. This is perfect for preserving a special heirloom you wish to cherish for years to come. 

The general rule for preparing thank-you notes after the wedding is to handwrite and mail them no later than eight weeks following the wedding. If you receive any gifts prior to your wedding day, you should immediately send a thank-you note acknowledging the gift’s arrival. Avoid writing generic thank-you notes. Your guests have taken time to select a special gift for you, so mention the gift and also how you plan to use it. If you wish, you can also include a special memory you shared on your wedding day. Guests will recognize and appreciate the care and kindness that went into personalizing their note. |NWD|