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When it comes to weddings, rental pieces have the power to enhance your venue in ways that you never imagined. Regardless of the space, they can add a special touch or be completely transformational. Rental pieces can revamp the venue into a stylish and personalized atmosphere —just for you. Our rental walk-through will assist you in selecting pieces, outlining what to expect and illustrating why it is all worth it.

The most important consideration when formulating your perfect reception is to envision the tables in the space. What will be the size and shape? If you are working with a large venue, consider using rectangular and square tables. This will give you a sleek look while seating guests comfortably. Long, banquet tables will give guests a more intimate and interactive experience. If you opt for long banquet tables, keep the size of your guest list in mind. This setup typically works best for weddings of 75 or less. Also, your linen costs may increase when dressing tables that are not round. Consult your wedding or reception planner about the options. They will know what will work best in the space and with your guest list. These professionals also know how many different linens you will need.

For seating options, there are many different styles and treatments to transform reception chairs. The most popular chair rental is the chiavari, an elegant spindle-back chair that can be rented in a variety of colors. Although these chairs are a fabulous option for completely transforming the space, they may not be one of your top budget priorities. If this is the case, consider chair covers. There are many different styles and treatments to choose from in chair covers. You can consider covering the entire chair or just the back. If you plan on covering your chairs, again, keep your guest count in mind. Completely covering a large numbers of chairs (150-200) can quickly make your space look like a sea of fabric. It is important to consider the entire scene, all the while keeping the table centerpieces the main focus.

The options for table linens are virtually endless. There is a rainbow of colors available in standard linen fabrics along with a more limited selection of colors in textured linens. Simply covering tables in floor length linens will dress them up and add significant interest to the space.

Many reception venues include china in the facility fee. If you are looking to save on china rentals, simply dress up the standard white china with colored napkins and plate chargers. If your vision includes stepping it up a bit more, consider renting china and flatware. Utilizing gold flatware and gold-rimmed china will create an elegant and sophisticated ambiance. Remember to bring along your menu when selecting china rentals to ensure you are choosing the appropriate dish.

The best way to make guests feel special is to pay attention to the details. Providing a unique table experience will leave a lasting impression. It is easy to add special touches through napkin rings, menu cards or small tokens of thanks. Having your guests find a thoughtful touch at their place setting will immediately make them feel comfortable. 

Many reception venues are large, open rooms. To create a cozier atmosphere, separate the space into smaller sections. Consider renting lounge pieces to create unique areas for guests to gather after dinner. Another rental essential is an assortment of cocktail tables, allowing guests to easily socialize during the cocktail hour. 

Vintage rentals are very versatile and can be used with any theme or style of wedding. If you love the rustic look, renting vintage birdcages, suitcases or lanterns would be a great way to incorporate that look and feel. Looking for a more refined reception? Vintage rentals often carry gold and silver pieces that can be used for floral centerpieces or serving trays, imparting sophistication and charm. Regardless of your style, vintage rentals can add a unique look and old-world comfort to your décor.

There are many rental items available that would never come to mind prior to planning a wedding. Many companies rent dance floors, partitions and lighting. Special lighting can be a significant enhancement to your reception venue. Consider spotlighting elements such as your wedding cake or simply lighting the walls with your wedding colors to pull guests into your distinctive atmosphere. You can use lighting to showcase elements that you want guests to notice or to disguise aspects of the space that you wish to downplay.
Whether you are hosting your reception in a tent, a barn or at a traditional reception venue, rentals are terrific tools to transform the setting. Don’t hesitate to use them in unique ways to add interest to your space.

Here are some quick tips and tricks to keep in mind when considering wedding rentals.

Know Your Numbers – Always ask if they have enough of each item to accommodate the size of your guest list. If you have a large guest list, consider combining two colors to get the volume you need.

Know Your Needs – Ask your venue what is included in the facility fee. If they provide the tables, chargers and china, budget dollars may become available for upgraded rental chairs and linens. 

Delivery Fees – Clarify your venue’s rules and guidelines on rental delivery and pick up. It is likely that your venue and the rental company have worked together on prior events, so they are probably very familiar with the protocol and the space. Also, inquire about rental company delivery or late fees.

Limit Your Helpers – Only bring one or two others when selecting your rentals. In fact, it may be best to make the visit solo or only with your fiancé. There will be many choices to consider and decisions to make. Making your selections can become more difficult when too many opinions are interjected into the process. When in doubt, keep it simple because little touches do make a difference. |NWD|