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Choosing the Type of Venue That's Right for Your Wedding

There are many uniquely beautiful reception venues available in your area, depending upon the size of your guest list and wedding budget. Your venue will set the tone for the ceremony and reception and is a crucial element in implementing your planned décor and overall design. From a romantic blooming garden to a well-manicured country club lawn, here are a few options to help you select the ideal venue.

Banquet Hall
Some banquet halls provide full-service packages, thereby making the planning process easier and more affordable. Others have a preferred list of wedding vendors, allowing for choices within certain parameters. Depending upon the space, banquet halls are easy to transform into your dream wedding experience. Also, the staff is knowledgeable and have established relationships with local wedding vendors, creating an easier flow of communication. The only challenge to choosing a banquet hall as your venue is the possible turnaround time for decorating, especially when an event is scheduled the evening prior.

Many couples love a rustic barn setting for their reception venue. It provides shelter while also allowing guests to dance under twinkling lights or a moonlit sky. A barn reception can also serve as a special homage to family history or cultural significance. The only tough challenge associated with this type of venue is arranging catering, restrooms and entertainment. Also, remember to consider the season, as a barn typically has neither heat nor air-conditioning.

Country Club
If you dream of a classic space, a country club may be your most fitting option. Set on perfectly-manicured lawns, country clubs offer a sophisticated style and space for weddings of virtually any size. One of the few difficulties posed by this venue is that your event may not be completely private due to club members accessing the pool or grounds.

Nestled around fragrant blooms and a beautiful landscape, a garden reception can be transformed into a dreamy affair. With this venue it is easy to let the garden setting speak for itself. With nature as your backdrop, your table settings and décor can remain simple and subtle. For this reception venue, be certain to outline a rain plan, just in case the weather doesn’t land in your favor on your special day.

If you picture a large wedding in a grand ballroom, a hotel reception may be perfect for you. Hotels are easily able to accommodate a large group and usually can arrange an appropriate space that is more suitable for a smaller guest list. The staff is knowledgeable and experienced, meaning typical day-of snafus are easily dealt with by professionals. The only pitfall is that you may be sharing the venue with a neighboring wedding or other large event on the same day or evening.

Surrounded by beautiful works of art, a museum is a stunning and sophisticated venue for a reception. Many museums have staff members who execute weddings on a weekly basis and can offer great insight for creating the ideal event. You may find that some museums may have a list of preferred vendors, which may limit your options for catering or décor. However, the bonus with this venue option is that you can usually arrange for certain galleries to be open for a limited time during your event, which can allow your guests a chance to peruse the artwork during cocktail hour.

Depending upon your ideal landscape, a reception comfortably nestled in a park may be just the venue you are looking for. Arranging family-style tables with your ceremony location nearby gives guests a wonderfully intimate feeling. Prior to making plans, be sure to check with the city offices for any necessary permits or special permissions needed to serve alcohol at the given location. Also, scope out the space to make certain there are adequate restroom facilities and enough resources to meet your electrical needs.

Private Home
There are many fabulous weddings held in private homes. This genre of location provides a special space that is uniquely your own. While most parents may shy away from the option due to the workload and amount of necessary preparations, hosting your reception at a family estate can be very intimate. The toughest challenge to overcome is arranging adequate kitchen space, restrooms and parking. If you are planning your event at a private home, inform the neighbors of your plans so they can anticipate the traffic and possible noise that evening. If they know what is going on, they are more likely to be understanding of the special occasion and not call in a noise complaint.

If you are planning an intimate wedding, a posh restaurant is always an excellent option. With possibilities for a unique menu and cozy ambience, this type of reception venue is relatively stress free due to the convenience of having everything on-site. You can even allow guests to order directly from the menu. Prior to booking your reception, consult with the restaurant owner or general manager regarding space limitations and noise level during the time frame you are considering. If the noise inherent in a restaurant environment concerns you, simply inquire about the availability of a separate area for your reception, such as a private event room. Some restaurants may even offer the option to rent the entire space for your event, in which case they’ll close it to the public.

A tented reception is a fantastic option that can comfortably accommodate a large guest list. While providing guests with shade and cover, everyone is still able to enjoy the sunset and dance into the evening under the stars. A tent vendor will have many options for you to choose from, including specific lighting for the occasion. Prior to finalizing arrangements, we encourage you to do a complete walk-through of the land, so you can provide any essential electrical information to your rental company.

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