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A Getaway with the Girls is Always a Yes!

    When I thought of what my bachelorette party would be, I didn’t think of it in your typical sense. I dreamt of quality time together with my closest girlfriends. Instead of a night out on the town that's over in a flash, I wanted a memorable bonding weekend by their sides. We ended up road tripping to the nearby Kansas City metro area - an easy drive for a weekend getaway! My sister went over the top planning everything down to the last detail. My agenda included a winery outing, a spa day and a night out dancing. With my sister's help adding in the perfectly-planned meals and a goodbye brunch, we had THE. BEST. TIME. EVER. If you’re considering this type of bachelorette celebration also, I’d say start by thinking about the vibe you’re going for, then pick a city, then a few group activities to make the most of your time away together. Here are some of the things I loved most, which I would highly recommend you consider for your special day/weekend: 1  >  Gather in a circle and go around with each person to tell them why you love and adore them. Then have them share a memory they have of you. It’s an immediate ice breaker! 2  >  Get a professional photographer to capture photos the night you are all dolled up as a crew - or at least remember to get a group photo during all the festivities. 3  >  Pop some bubbly in the hotel room and put on fun little TEAM BRIDE tattoos. 4  >  Get a fun white dress for your night out - and wear comfortable shoes. I wore my cute scrappy heels to dinner (they were 2-hour shoes), then I changed into some more comfortable wedges for the limo/dancing. 5  >  Don’t forget snacks and a little bit of decor for the hotel room to really set the stage! Most of all, enjoy every little moment. Don’t worry about having your phone, just be present with these gals you love most in life. Everyone else will capture photos you can admire later on. Happy planning!