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Caring For Others Together

Ana and Matthew's real wedding.
Amanda Christensen

Ana Aponte and Matt Benshoof met while working at the same nursing home. Though they worked working in different departments, he continuously sought her assistance with residents—just to be around her. Some time later, Ana came home from visiting family in Mexico for Christmas, and Matt acted as though he had another gift for her. He had her turn her back so she couldn’t see the big box with a fake gift, then started talking about how much he loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Ana figured out his plot and turned toward him as he went down on bended knee to pop the question. The couple had an intimate wedding in the Magnolia Hotel’s romantic outdoor courtyard, decked out with jewel tones of deep burgundy, plum, and emerald green. A harpist added elegance to the ceremony, and Matt’s friend, Dylan Kriz, surprised the guests when he rose to marry the couple. The reception was decorated with garden-style bouquets of roses, dahlias and peonies, while vintage décor and a plethora of candles and twinkle lights made the evening even more magical.

Nebraska Wedding Day Planning Checklist!

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