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The Greatest Catch!

Andrew and Macy's rustic wedding at The Barn at Ackerhurst Dairy Farm offered guests an intimate, elegant experience.
Stephanie Janssen

Andrew Flair and Macy Hollingsed were complete strangers before she went to a friend’s family lake house in 2015. Macy’s friend had also invited Andrew to teach them how to fish. They hit it off and began dating the next month. Fishing again figured in their romance when Andrew surprised Macy four years later at the same lake house. She thought she was helping Andrew test some new fishing baits, but as he went to change his bait, he pulled out a ring box instead. The couple chose The Barn at Ackerhurst Dairy Farm because they had attended a wedding there a few years prior and loved the intimate, elegant feel of the space. To balance the warm wood in the barn, they used fresh, neutral-hued florals with dried grasses. They wanted to make each guest feel special so included personalized hand sanitizers and Albanese Gummi Bears in their gift boxes. Macy reports that the best moment was at the reception, when they were announced as Mr. and Mrs. Flair, as friends and family cheered.

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