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Colorful and Vibrant Ceremony at the Lauritzen Gardens

Lyndi and John host a Beautiful Surprise Wedding in Omaha.
Sherri Hildebrandt
Lyndi and John host a Beautiful Surprise Wedding in Omaha.

Wedding Date: December 31st, 2019

It wasn’t love at first sight for Lyndi Skinner and John Densberger, but challenging times can bring people closer; in their case, that challenge was studying law. The two became friends at Creighton Law School, which turned into romance during a summer abroad program in 2015. A family trip to a wedding in Hawaii in April 2019 provided the perfect occasion for John to make a surprise proposal with the help of Lyndi’s parents and friends. More surprises were in store: “Our hearts were always set on a surprise wedding,” Lyndi says. They invited everyone to an “engagement celebration” on New Year’s Eve, with a dinner served promptly at 7—which, to the delight of their guests, turned out to be their wedding ceremony in the Lauritzen Gardens conservatory, exquisitely decorated for the holidays with rich red poinsettias and twinkling lights. The couple chose a color palette of saturated reds and pinks with very little greenery. Lyndi’s colorful bouquet included hydrangeas, roses, tulips, gardenias and lilies, and a stunning hanging floral installation added even more pop to the ceremony. In the months prior to their wedding, Lyndi’s mom collected antique silver candlesticks and candelabras to create a variety of centerpieces. “I am lucky to have a husband who trusts my taste, and a mom who taught me to have it,” Lyndi says.

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