Consider This When Selecting Your Wedding Gems

Nebraska native Jessica Gylsen offers insight into the luxury gem industry and all things related.
Written by
Sherri Hildebrandt


Nebraska Wedding Day Fall/Winter 2023

Jessica Gylsen has had an affinity for fine jewelry since she was a little girl—in fact, she preferred diamonds to dolls, and played with ring and necklace samples in her grandparents’ store, York Jewelers, where she started working at 16.

Now, after more than 20 years in the luxury gem business, the Nebraska native offers her expertise as The Dazzling Concierge. “Jewelry is a luxury,” she points out. “Time often is not.” So a streamlined service like The Dazzling Concierge answers the needs of people who don’t have time to explore a lot of options, or who simply need help making the perfect choice. (And yes, many of her clients are husbands-to-be seeking an enchanting engagement ring!)

She starts by getting to know her clients, either online, in person or via phone call, exploring their needs and likes. Then she comes up with a curated selection based on the client’s taste, style and budget. As vice president of a New York-based wholesale diamond company, she has access to a stunning array of options. “I present quality that rivals any traditional retail store at a far better value since I essentially have very little overhead,” she says.

Gylsen was named one of the top “20 under 40” gemologists in the country by the Gemological Institute of America in 2022, and throughout her decades of experience she has assisted thousands of clients in finding just the right gem. Gylsen knows that “jewelry is more than something that simply sparkles.”