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End Game: Meaningful Event at the Joslyn Art Museum

Tessa and Jared's spring wedding had an eclectic flair.

Tessa Hlavaty and Jared Thomsen have Husker football, and her younger brother, to thank for their tailgate meeting in 2014. Jared was her younger brother’s fraternity pledge educator, and introduced the two at a game. Four and a half years later, Jared surprised Tessa with photos of their favorite memories as he asked her to marry him. After Tessa said yes, she was greeted by family and friends for a surprise celebration. They exchanged “I do’s” surrounded by spring flowers at the historic Joslyn Art Museum; their first look was a special moment before Jared’s father officiated the ceremony. At the reception, antique containers held roses and greenery, channeling the eclectic flair the couple wanted to showcase. As major foodies, bride and groom served Coneflower Creamery’s prosecco and margarita sorbet drinks at cocktail hour, Greek and Indian food at the reception, and three flavors of cake. And crowning the cake? The very same cake topper that Tessa’s parents had on their cake. The flawless day ended with full hearts (and bellies). “We felt love and intimacy from those celebrating with us in person, and those celebrating with us in spirit,” Tessa says.

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