Expert Advice: 9 Do's & Don'ts On Your Wedding Day

There are no rules when planning your wedding - this is YOUR DAY. But, this expert advice is worth taking note of …
Written by
Laura Cross

Planning for your big day can be as challenging as it is exciting. It is full of joyous events with your nearest and dearest, but can also include stress and an overwhelming amount of tasks. It’s important to remind yourself that as you and your fiancé venture on the wedding planning journey, as hard as you may try, nothing will ever be perfect. But that’s not to say that you can’t be properly prepared.

From finding your dream venue and the person who will help you execute this most important day, to making sure no detail gets forgotten, we’ve compiled a list of Wedding Day Do’s and Don’ts to help ensure you and your guests have the best possible experience ... from none other than a few of our own Nebraska Wedding Industry Experts!

DO bring your invitations!
On your wedding day, do have a full invitation suite for your photographer and videographer. They will be capturing all your wedding details, so don’t forget the beautiful paper that started it all off. Flat lays are a gorgeous way to capture your invitations as well as your style.
~ Dana Osborne, Dana Osbone Design

DO capture photos of precious moments with your mother before the ceremony.
It’s always a favorite photo for our brides – the last button, the final zip up, that look from mom filled with love.
~ Connie Van Nostrand, Lied Lodge at Arbor Day Farm

DO smile, relax and enjoy each other's company every chance you get.

It will be a busy day and you will want to remember some special moments with each other. Don't stress.
~ Deborah Galyen, Galyen Barns

DON'T Overwrite your Wedding Vows!
Your vows should only be between one and two minutes long—which is about 100 to 200 words. Write your vows in vow books or on note cards; It looks better in your photos. Save the stories you want to share with everyone for the head table speeches at your reception.
Carol Lynne, I Tie The Knots Weddings

DO have signature cocktails!
We have seen everything from drinks named after beloved pets to terms of endearment for the couple. DO add a signature drink to your bar package to give guests an easy suggestion to order and add an easy and fun special touch to your day.
Sarah Norman Rowe, Patricia Catering and Cocktails

DO have a sunset calculator! - yes, that's a thing
As a wedding photographer, knowing those sunset times is a crucial piece of the Dream Day Pie! Why is it important to know the sunset time on your wedding day? Here are my thoughts!

  1. Your timeline! Spring, Fall, and Winter Weddings have limited daylight hours post-ceremony, because of the earlier sunset times. This is crucial for couples who decide not to do a first look and need that precious daylight to capture all wedding and couple photos. 
  2. The Sunset Couples Shoot! The dreamiest of photos in your entire album! Trust me, you'll want to take a 10 min, break from champagne poppin' to boogie on out with your photographer. 
  3. Photographer Coverage! We all want to shoot the bride and groom at sunset. This is often times the last thing we capture, before we snag those dance-floor candids and head out. 

~ Angie Miller, Angie Jean Photography

DO dress up your head table with custom wedding candles.
Alicia Reisinger,Wax Buffalo Pure Soy Wax Co

DON'T forget to include your furry friends in the ceremony.
They’re part of your family and they should share in your day.
~ Connie Van Nostrand, Lied Lodge at Arbor Day Farm

DO be sure to bring a button-up shirt before having your hair done on your wedding day; this can easily be removed after your updo is done.
~ Garbo's Salon and Spa