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Floral-Focused Wedding Day at Le Boullion in Omaha

Jenny and Zac's sweet springtime celebration.
Sydney Stevens

"I have the perfect guy. You will either be best friends or get married.” That was a professional matchmaker’s prediction to Jenny Jessen about Zac Triemert. “Turns out she was right about both,” Jenny says. Sharing a similar background of divorce and single co-parenting, the two were very deliberate their relationship. They dated for six years, slowly blending their families and falling madly in love. Zac’s heartfelt proposal with flowers and champagne came in 2020 after an evening strolling through Omaha’s Old Market in the Whiskey Walkabout. Their brunch ceremony at Le Bouillon and reception at Brickway Brewery & Distillery (which Zac owns) were filled with special details. Jenny wore a copper-colored custom gown with intricate lace and floral appliqué. “I loved the look of something elegant and tasteful with heavy emphasis on florals,” the bride says. Jenny’s son Jake, 14, walked her down the aisle, and the ceremony included a script the bride and groom wrote. To symbolize the blending of families, a child from each couple poured wine into a carafe for a toast during the ceremony. Instead of a guest book, the couple opted for a vintage phone that recorded messages from each guest, creating a vocal souvenir to remember the day their families merged.

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