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Inspiration Detail | Personalizing Your Nebraska Wedding

Personalizing Your Nebraska Wedding

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Pinterest has been both a blessing and a curse for the wedding world. It’s easier than ever to stockpile ideas and keep track of your vision for your big day, but there’s no guarantee that other brides aren’t pinning the same gownsbouquets and cakes as you. One way to make sure your personality shines through on your wedding day is by working with talented Nebraska vendors who have their finger on the pulse of the local wedding industry and can help you come up with ideas that are meaningful to you and your fiancé. Below, we’ve gathered a few areas where you can really customize your day. 

Bring your something old and something new together by opting for a lab-grown diamond in a traditional vintage setting. Styles that date back over one hundred years are fresh again, and you can complement your wedding style with a ring to match, whether you’re more mid-century  modern or Victorian. A lab-grown diamond adds contemporary sensibility to your classic setting – these diamonds are chemically, physically and optically the same as traditional diamonds, but require none of the explosives, heavy machinery or human toll. A 21st century match to your 20th century design style!

Everyone knows the invitation suite is the guests’ first impression of the wedding – it sets the tone for your event and (hopefully) conveys everything they need to know. Why not take things a step further and turn your invitations into a keepsake? Illustrated maps to your ceremony and reception venues are a darling way to give directions, and a well-done drawing may stay up on the fridge well past the date of your wedding. These charming maps become a memento of your day and of the town where you celebrate. 

Furry Friends
Those with pets know their furry friends are part of the family. Leaving your pup’s personality out of the wedding day can feel like something is missing. Thankfully, services are popping up to keep Fido in the mix. Start by choosing a personalized floral collar that fits with the theme of your day. Then, have a friend or staff member volunteer to bring your pet to the ceremony to say hi to everyone, or even walk down the aisle. You won’t have to worry about keeping an eye out for mischief, but you’ll be glad to know your fur baby is around. 


School Pride
If there’s one thing Nebraska knows, it’s school pride. Incorporate your alma mater into your wedding – see if the mascot is available to swing by at your cocktail hour or take a tour of campus with your photographer and pose in meaningful places together. Hire the school band to bring an energetic display to your reception – why not support local artists while giving your guests the gift of live music

Couples have been using their send-off as another way to personalize the wedding. Those with an interest in classic cars have used rental services to ride away in their dream car. Sparklers are becoming more popular: try colorful smoke bombs as a trendy twist. Flower petals or dried lavender are an eco-friendly option. One couple had guests toss Fruity Pebbles as they ran to their getaway car. No matter what, the wedding exit is a moment of celebration and joy for both the couple and their guests.  

Regardless of venue, time of year or guest count, it’s important to make sure the details of your wedding feel personal and intentional. Find every opportunity to inject your love story into the day and let your guests know you’re proud to have them celebrate with you.