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A note from our Publisher, Nichole Plugge.

Greetings! My name is Nichole Plugge and I’m the associate publisher for Nebraska Wedding Day. Over the past couple of months, I haven’t been able to turn off my mind because of so many unknowns for Nebraska couples and wedding vendors.

I have been thinking of different ways to partner with wedding businesses during this time, how to support couples changing their dreams and the new reality of future wedding days. As a publisher, a past bride, and a partner in the Nebraska wedding community, my heart goes out to all of you. I try to imagine and understand what is running through the hearts and minds of couples right now, and of our Nebraska wedding vendors as well. I also try to imagine the brides and grooms, and the challenges and emotions they are facing with rescheduling, postponing, and all the little details necessary to make wedding dreams a reality. Then, I think of all the operations that would need to be accomplished within a venue to make sure the couple’s day would be absolutely perfect, but still provide a safe, healthy and happy environment for their guests, their team of people working at the wedding, and for the couple themselves.

Finally, I think about the wedding vendors. These incredible people are the main resource that will ensure that an amazing wedding day will happen, no matter if it’s postponed or not. They truly are the magicians who make all these crises disappear and surround you with positive energy for your wedding day. They got this! That’s why you hire them—they will take care of you.

We’ve assembled some helpful tips to get you through this pandemic planning. Our new and improved website offers articles and tips on how to plan your wedding during COVID-19. And of course, check out our real weddings to help you find hope and inspiration.

For the recently engaged couples, check out our vendor directory on and turn to our Essentials Guide/Venue Tour on page 70 in the magazine to find a variety of our great Nebraska Wedding Day members who are ready to make your wedding dreams come true. And, don’t forget to sign up for our E-Newsletter. This is where we share our recently published real weddings, new educational and inspirational articles, and more. From finding the perfect vendors to inspiring trendy ideas, Nebraska Wedding Day is here to help you connect the dots to make your big day a dream come true.

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One last thing: On your wedding day, remember to relax as you walk down the aisle, because the only thing that really matters is waiting for you at the end—with a smile.

Nichole Plugge

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