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Middle School Sweethearts Tie The Knot In Bennington

Caitlin & Jared's wedding at The Barn at the Ackerhurst Dairy Farm featured personalized moments and a lively dance party.
Molly Thompson

Even though Caitlin McDermott and Jared Mertz had gone to the same school since kindergarten, it wasn’t until the seventh grade that they were in the same class. What started as a middle school crush turned into the love of a lifetime love when their friends squished the two of them into a bowling alley photobooth. Several years later, after following each other to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and back, Jared proposed to Caitlin at the Joslyn Art Museum. After she said yes, he took her to a friend’s apartment clubhouse where he surprised her with a dazzling engagement party filled with friends and family. The same air of excitement pervaded the wedding, with a romantic palette of mauve and blush, accented by greenery. After getting ready for the big moment at The Barn at the Ackerhurst Dairy Farm, Caitlin and Jared had their first look; they read love letters to one another and shared an intimate moment before heading to the church they both grew up attending to say “I do.” The personalized ceremony included favorite songs and close family members playing important roles. The reception was equally exceptional, featuring a live band and everyone on the dance floor. Jared showed off his skills on the drums, Caitlyn and her dance team performed the UNL fight song, and everyone polished off a snack of fries and shakes to commemorate the pair’s first date at Dairy Queen.

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