Modern Matches

Special Relics For Your Special Day

There was a time when it was common for personalized matchboxes and monogram paper napkins to make an appearance at every traditional wedding - HELLO wedding styling circa 1970s + 1980s! Many modern-day couples however shy away from some of these extra accoutrements, whether that be to cut expenses or due to ditching what's been perceived as outdated wedding styling. However if you're like us, pretty matchboxes hold a happy little place in our hearts (like if you ever snag these suckers when you come across them out + about in the real world at a lounge or pub ... we know we do!). Thus, we'd love for this nostalgic throwback to make a resurgence in modern-day wedding styling  - enter modern matches! With the right design and by mixing up the box dimensions, these standard strikers take on a whole new look and we're loving every last detail. If you're still having trouble justifying the added expense, just double duty your matchboxes by folding them into your budget as escort seating cards or guest favors. Not only are these usable takeaways for you and your guests, but they'll be a fun trinket to find years down the road as a relic of your special day!