Spring/Summer 2022

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In our Spring/Summer 2022 issue, you'll find:

  • The Fashion Issue: From bold to boho, make a statement with the season's most elegant gowns.
  • Be inspired by Nebraska's most magical real weddings.

  • Fresh ideas for florals, decor, cakes and more!
On Our Covers
Photography: McKenna ChristinePhotography. Gown: Lis Simon “Lena” from For The One Bridal.Capelet: Linda Richards from For The One Bridal.Earrings: Elizabeth Bower from For the One Bridal.Hair: Garbo’s Salon and Spa.Makeup: Model Perfect Airbrush.Bouquet: Rose Joy.Model: Lizzy Waite, Sasha Models.Venue: Café Postale, Omaha