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Send them over - we’d love to show the world!


When deciding what images to send from the wedding, please select those that tell the story of the entire day. To best tell a real wedding story we prefer to use clean, edited images. We always give proper credit on the website, so we ask that you remove all logos, watermarks, and text from your images. Also, please let us know if you used a second shooter that should be credited. We are looking for the following types of photos:

• Inspired details & décor: the cake, flowers, tabletop décor, gowns, jewelry, food close-ups, etc ... THE MORE DETAILS, THE BETTER!

• The people: The couple, the bridal party, candid moments, posed shots, a view of the entire reception or ceremony scene, etc.

• Images that tell the story of the day: Everything from getting ready for the big day to the couple’s first dance of the night.


Here are a few simple steps to help you get those images from your computer to ours.

• Go to to register. Fill out the information and click “create new account.” An email will be sent to you allowing you to log into our submission site and set up a password.

• You are now logged into the site. Whenever you’re logged in, you’ll see a small camera icon at the top right of the page. Click that icon at any time to go to your profile page, where you’ll have the opportunity to submit photos and view any images you have previously submitted.

• Site limitations: The site can only handle 30MB per upload. You can upload your submission in batches if needed. Batches of 10-15 images might be necessary for large images. File size suggestion: 1440 pixels x 960 pixels at 300 dpi is about a 1 MB jpeg file.

• SAVE. Please click SAVE after you have completed each submission.

• PROOF. Please check that all your photos have uploaded. • To log-in again at any time, simply go to


• Please provide a name and email address for the couple, as well as a vendor list. We will contact them to confirm their vendor credits and to get their personal reflections. We cannot publish any wedding without contacting the couple and receiving their information.

• We also encourage you to include a short paragraph of general information about the couple and their wedding day, highlighting any unique elements.

• Do not submit photos you are also submitting to other wedding magazines or blogs. If you are interested in submitting to another publication or website, please contact us to see if your submission has been accepted.

• Do not submit photos that you are also using in your ad.

• Do not submit out-of-season images, old images or images that have already been published.

• Do not send all of the photography from a wedding. Edit to your best shots (about 60 shots per wedding). Our team gathers periodically to review submissions for publication on our blog.

You may submit multiple real weddings anytime during the year. By submitting your images to Nebraska Wedding Day, you authorize Nebraska Wedding Day to feature these images and, if necessary, to crop and/or adjust any images to fit the space. Your submission does not guarantee exposure on the blog or in print. Due to high demand, print publication is reserved for NWD photography partners. All decisions regarding publication of submissions are at the sole discretion of Nebraska Wedding Day.



We also accept submissions for our website. Be sure to note in your submission that you wish to be considered for web only with your images as well as basic information about the wedding -- date, location, couple's names and bride's contact information.