Wedding Day Podcast Episode 7: Ryann Lindsey of Ryann Lindsey Photography

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This week's topics: wedding photography, Taylor Swift bracelets, booking your wedding photographer, trusting a wedding planner, first looks, wedding portrait options and scheduling, pinterest boards, film vs. digital, unplugged ceremonies, wedding content creators, 'insta-moments' 

Ryann Lindsey, the creative force behind Ryann Lindsey Photography and RyLi Co hosted Dan and Sonja at her studio in Scottsdale for this edition of Wedding Day Podcast. She started things off by giving our hosts Taylor Swift style bracelets reading "Wedding Day Podcast," which was simply adorable. This week's episode was set up in Ryann's gorgeous studio aptly decorated with flowers from Florals by Kendra, fashion magazines and an on-trend confection from Amour de Sucre. Ryann sat down to discuss her journey from a pre-law student to a nurse for cancer patients and eventually a wedding photographer, videographer and content creator. Photography was always a constant on the side for Ryann and she eventually decided to create her own business, where she has now been featured in Arizona Bride, Martha Stewart, Carats & Cake, Style Me Pretty and more. 

As a successful wedding photographer, Ryann has expertise in the wedding process from start to finish and dove into all her insights this week. She suggests engaged couples book a photographer a year to a year and a half before their event date and talked to our hosts about planning timelines. She's all about maximizing time that couples have with each other on their wedding days, especially given how scarce it can be in reality. As a big supporter of the first look, Ryann talked to Sonja and Dan about one of the ways this can really make a difference in terms of pictures and personal time. Part of the job of photography and videography teams is to asses and adjust according to day-of conditions. Dan and Ryann both talked about this as industry professionals, and Ryann said she is a big fan of walking through venues with couples to asses backgrounds with good lighting and plan photo-ops. Especially in the Arizona area, Ryann said she has familiarized herself with a lot of the venues as a Scottsdale local, and she works with couples to ensure photos that will work for them and also from a photography standpoint. 

A wedding trend that seems to be prevailing is the film style, and Sonja and Dan had a ton of questions for Ryann. She delved into the details and logistics that can be important to consider before opting to shoot your wedding with film pictures. With scarcer shots and a lot more manual labor time inputted, Ryann said to really get film shots and film shots she prefers to be working with a team, as it can be limiting for one photographer to do both digital and film at your event. It's also more expensive to curate film photos, but Ryann said a good option that she explores at Ryann Lindsey Photography is to integrate her digital editing style with the ambience of film that brings a cleaner, crisper look. 

Let's talk about being a wedding guest - there are so many things to consider. Ryann spoke to the idea that as a wedding guest there is certain etiquette to consider, and sometimes skipping taking photos and leaving it to the team of photographers and videographers (assuming there is one) can be relaxing for everyone. There's a reason that teams are there to create content and photograph, it's ok to just enjoy the celebration as a guest! Beyond photographers, couples are exploring content creators more than ever at their newlyweds especially in the social media age. Sonja, Dan and Ryann had a lot to say about the pros and cons of these "insta moments" that have been capturing viral attention. Ryann has her own brand RyLi Co that works with content creation, but she talked about how she focuses on training her creators to find unique footage that a traditional photography and videography team won't capture. 

Wedding photography is all about connection, trust and chemistry. Your wedding photographer should make you feel at ease and comfortable, and Ryann loves to work with clients to make sure they have the best experience possible. The best way to get the photos and videos you want is to forge a true connection with a team that can curate your vision and make you feel loved on your big day. 

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