A Letter From Our Editor, Megan White

Let's Get Personal
Written by
Megan White

AS THIS ISSUE HITS NEWSSTANDS, I will be coming up on the three-year mark of my journey with Nebraska Wedding Day, and in taking some time to reflect, I have come to realize that one of the most rewarding aspects of this career is the acquaintances I make and have made along the way. I started working for this amazing brand as the world, and especially events, were being put on hold. And in such a difficult time, it was also a time of growth—a time of stepping out of our creative comfort zones, learning how to come together in a time of separation, and finding a renewed perspective and appreciation of what matters most: the people in our lives.

While most daily routines have returned to normal, a new outlook on what we do day to day had a lasting effect, specifically as we cautiously forayed back into safely coordinating styled and fashion shoots. This issue features two incredible shoots that our team was lucky enough to be involved in (“Still Waters Run Deep” page 22, and “Summer Splendor” page 28), and despite the stunning final images, behind the scenes isn’t always glamorous. Whether shooting in the sweltering summer sun or the biting winter wind, going from dawn to dusk—the teams we work with deserve the utmost respect. And it is also those days that are the most invigorating and motivating, thanks to those teams—the creatives who join forces with dogged determination to accomplish something spectacular. It’s the photographers, the planners, the models and the vendors. It’s reconnecting with familiar faces and making new friends. It’s the electric feeling we share when we get shots that are indescribably dazzling (Check out the “Still Waters Run Deep” reel here!) It’s bonding with working parents over baby stories on set or spying a mother-to-be’s still-secret baby bump. Hearing about their passions, their families, and their goals—it is these talented individuals and joyous moments in between shots that bring life to each issue, and at the end of those long days, it’s the heartfelt hugs all around that continue to inspire me every day.

Cheers to all of these unique and beautiful souls that I have been so blessed to work with, and thank you for all that you do to make weddings and photo shoots so magical!


Megan L. White
Editor in Chief