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Lively Nuptials at the Empire Room in Omaha

An instant connection brought Andrew and Victoria together forever.
Sydney Stevens

A mutual friend of Andrew Mancuso and Victoria Sorrentino knew they were destined to be together when he told them the first time they met, “All Italians must sit on the same couch!” And he was right; their connection was instant. Two blissful years later, the couple visited Victoria’s father’s family in England. On Andrew’s first overseas trip he carried the ring in his backpack and wrote a note for TSA asking that no one say anything. Over a family dinner, Andrew started to give a toast, which confused Victoria—but it all made sense when he got down on one knee. Their June wedding was full of loved ones and memories of those who had passed. To honor the bride’s late father, a flower was placed on the seat next to her mom. Victoria also attached a charm on her bouquet to represent her dad walking his daughter down the aisle. Timeless florals of roses, hydrangeas and orchids and a black-and-white palette made it an elegant affair. A neon sign proclaiming “The Mancusos” lit up the room as everyone danced the night away.

Nebraska Wedding Day Planning Checklist!

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