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The Philosophy of Love

Kayla & Johnny's intimate wedding ceremony took place on the grounds of Creighton University, the site where they first met.
Stephanie Janssen

Kayla Thompson and Johnny Turco literally took a philosophical approach when they met at Creighton University. They first met in a big philosophy lecture hall, but it wasn’t until the second, much smaller course, that sparks started to fly. Kayla discovered she was the only student who wasn’t a philosophy major, but she recognized one guy (yes, Johnny), so she sat down next to him. Eventually a study session turned into dinner, then, after a lot of patience and a little persuasion from Johnny, Kayla agreed to go on a “real” date. After many more dates, on a camping trip in Lovewell State Park, Johnny popped the question. They held the wedding at Creighton, too, with a small gathering of 20 family members and friends, because of COVID precautions; they honored departed loved ones with photos at the ceremony and reception. After the ceremony, they celebrated at Nicola’s Italian Wine and Fare, a favorite for special occasions. Kayla was delighted with her bouquet of bountiful pink, ivory and purple blossoms, plus a locket in memory of her grandfather. A highlight was the reception toasts — “They made us laugh and cry,” Kayla says.

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