Profoundly Timeless, Rustic Matrimony at Palace Event Center in Iowa

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Kellen and Wyatt kept true to tradition for their wedding day, which paired down-home chic details with classic sophistication.
Written by
Megan Simpson Teeter


Nebraska Wedding Day Spring/Summer 2024

They don’t call it the heartland for nothing. Kellen Wagner and Wyatt Kee proved it with the most magical movie-worthy meet-cute. Kellen, a nurse, moved to Nebraska a few years prior to care for her ailing grandpa. “While staying at her grandparents’ farm, she got to know their farmhand, a boy named Wyatt,” explains their photographer. “And so, the farmer’s granddaughter and the farmhand ended up dating.” The pair hosted a sweetly rustic wedding where the cornfields meet the sky. From the outset, their plans were laced with elements deeply rooted in their story. They sought to have a wedding day that mirrored their bond: simple yet profound, modern yet timeless. Among the must-haves were bouquets bursting with white roses and greenery set against a color palette that whispered elegance: black, blush and peach. The couple opted to follow tradition and wait until the ceremony to see one another but chose to exchange private letters beforehand around a corner from one another. Under a white gazebo bedecked with large, lush arrangements and backed by open fields, the couple made their promises. The reception space was a vision of down-home chic: a rustic farm setting with the sophistication of a classic ballroom. The barn, draped in diaphanous white fabric, became a canvas for Kellen and Wyatt’s love story, with wagon wheel chandeliers overhead and glowing marquee letters spelling out their now-shared last name. The newlyweds finished their evening with a private dance away from the world to cherish the moment, then exited beneath a flurry of sparklers. 

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Treynor, Iowa


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