Romantic Wedding at the Fountains Ballroom in Glenwood with Delicate Palette

Real Wedding
Ashley and Cade wove meaningful details into their wedding day that paid homage to family and their history together.
Written by
Megan Simpson Teeter


Nebraska Wedding Day Spring/Summer 2024

From the outset, Ashley Husing and Cade Crowell were certain about infusing personal touches into their special day, starting on the bright summer morning of their wedding. The day dawned soft and gray, the sun coyly hiding, the rain mercifully holding off, as if nature itself was in cahoots with the couple’s plans. Ashley’s sentimental side was evidenced by her getting-ready robe—crafted from her mother’s wedding dress. Cade, meanwhile, planned a poker game for his groomsmen, blending camaraderie with playful relaxation. The couple’s aesthetic combined classic elegance with intentional simplicity, a perfect mirror of their romance. The emotional crescendo of the day was at their first look, a moment suspended in time during which they shared their private vows. Ashley’s grandfather officiated the outdoor ceremony at the altar set against a small waterfall. As the newlyweds recessed up the aisle, they were enveloped in a cloud of bubbles blown by happy family and friends. The reception featured candles casting a warm glow and the head table under a canopy of lights and greenery, setting a romantic ambiance. The Crowells entered their celebration via the grand staircase and performed a choreographed first dance to a Michael Buble tune. In a quirky touch, guests were invited to leave messages of happiness and blessings on a “phone” in a repurposed telephone booth. As the evening progressed, each attendee enjoyed sweet treats from Nothing Bundt cakes, surrounded by dancing and pure love. 

City State:

Glenwood, IA


Omaha Area
Western IA







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