A Day in the Country at West Mills Flowers

Styled Shoot
The land offers bounty as well as beauty for a new twist on wedding day décor as summer fades to fall.
Written by
Sherri Hildebrandt


Nebraska Wedding Day Fall/Winter 2023

This fresh take on country chic was a sight to behold at West Mills Flowers, where home-grown décor finds itself elegantly featured in a bridal setting. Styled by Natalie Elsberry from Of the Earth Florals, the shoot utilized rustic flourishes and understated yet refined fashion looks to keep focus on the pastoral backdrop that featured a true bounty of vegetables, florals and beyond. Becca's gardening apron made for endearing photo ops, and her bouquet and sun hat were brimming with freshly-grown items. A key focus of the shoot explored inspiring ways to move beyond traditional flora and feature other living plants and grown elements, and the design infused simple modernity into country chic. 

Tom and Becca twirl through a lane at West Mill Flowers, a cut flower farm in Raymond that provides posies for florists and area markets. Below, Becca’s unique bouquet is proof that flowers aren’t the only flora for a glorious arrangement. This one includes artichokes, broccoli, beets, tomatoes and tomato vine, persimmon, pumpkin on a stick, rosemary, kale, radish, pomegranates, dates, ornamental peppers and Chinaberries. It has a certain appeal for Marshmallow the horse, too, but Becca insists that this bouquet is hers alone.
Becca’s late-summer glow is enhanced with a delicate touch by Divine Beauty. A loose side braid and face-framing tendrils complete her natural, light-hearted look. With her winning smile and pristine Justin Alexander “Declan” gown, Becca makes a picture-perfect bride. This clean, modern look has a square neckline and low back, and comes in a comfortable stretch crepe.
Above, Tom’s casual attire achieves a measure of sophistication through the deep teal tones and contrasting khaki-colored suspenders, highlighted with a radish boutonniere that nicely complements Becca’s bouquet of fresh veggies, shown below.
A sunny day requires a sun hat—so why not wear one that’s sure to draw a second look and inspiration directly from the garden? Styled by Of The Earth Florals, this Lucca Couture hat sports broccoli, radish, peppers, tomatoes and kale. Below, Tom and Becca share a sweet moment as they wander down the garden path, both outfitted without artifice.


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