Spotlight: Tech Saavy Celebrations

Anna Brace Photography
From QR Codes to drone shows, technology is redefining weddings
Written by
Laura Cross

In the digital age, technology has become an integral part of nearly every aspect of our lives and weddings are no exception. From planning to execution, technology is revolutionizing the way couples celebrate their special day introducing virtual elements, interactive experiences and groundbreaking innovations enhance the overall wedding experience. Nebraska wedding vendors are shedding light on how technology is redefining the way couples plan and experience their special day.

QR Codes 
Anna Brace, owner of Anna Brace Photography, sheds light on the rising trend of couples incorporating QR codes into their wedding invitations. Offering an easy route for guests to RSVP and view registries, QR codes eliminate the hassle of typing in a wedding website, enhancing the overall guest experience.

Rachel Hrabik from Arbor Day Farm emphasizes how strategically placed QR codes at their venue serve as digital gateways, offering access to event schedules, venue navigation, reception menus and even live streams for remote attendees. QR codes become collaborative tools, enabling guests to share and upload event photos and videos effortlessly.

Digital Invitations and Wedding Websites
The era of traditional paper invitations is making way for digital invites, as couples recognize the cost-effectiveness and environmental sustainability they offer. These digital canvases allow for creative incorporation of multimedia elements and interactive features. Wedding websites, as highlighted by Rachel Hrabik, have become central hubs for couples to share vital information with their guests, offering a one-stop-shop for event details, RSVP options, love stories, and photo galleries.

Virtual Venue Tours 
AI-guided virtual venue tours are transforming how couples explore potential wedding locations. This technology enables couples to experience venues remotely, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the space and its possibilities. This innovative approach facilitates informed decision-making, allowing couples to visualize their wedding setup without being physically present.

GoPro Cameras
Rachel Hrabik introduces the inventive use of GoPro cameras hidden within the bride's bouquet. This unique perspective immerses viewers in the bride's experience, capturing intimate moments often lost in the grandeur of the event. The footage offers a deeply felt journey, allowing viewers to step into the bride's shoes and experience the day as if part of the narrative themselves.

Projection Mapping
Projection mapping is revolutionizing wedding design by projecting intricate visuals onto various surfaces. This innovative technique adds a dynamic element to the venue, enabling couples to create immersive environments aligned with their wedding theme and style.

Drone Shows
Drone shows are revolutionizing the traditional fireworks display, offering a safer and visually captivating alternative. The choreographed movements of drones, adorned with lights, create mesmerizing visual spectacles, adding a modern and dynamic dimension to the celebration. Drones not only contribute to the wow factor but also present eco-friendly options for couples looking to minimize environmental impact.

Silent Disco
Anna Brace suggests another tech-savvy addition - the Silent Disco dance floor. Providing headphones for dancing guests creates a quieter atmosphere for those who prefer conversations, ensuring everyone can enjoy the celebration in their preferred way.

Undoubtedly, technology is taking weddings to unprecedented heights. While certain trends are poised for lasting impact, others will serve as nostalgic reminders of the wedding day. The ongoing journey towards tech-infused weddings symbolizes a continuous evolution, as couples seek to blend timeless traditions with the latest innovations that reflect both the modern and enduring aspects of love.


Main Photo: Anna Brace Photography