Tasty Tarts

Because Cake is NOT the Only Option For Your Big Day Desserts!

Not a fan of cake? While our sweet tooth doesn't discriminate, we understand that dessert preferences can vary. Although cake has a stronghold in the wedding industry, trends over the years have seen other desserts, such as pies or donuts, swapped out for the traditional wedding cake. If those sweet alternatives still don't float your boat, consider a TASTY TART! Visually stunning when created by a skilled baker, this saccharine stand-in can have a stunning impact on your wedding event or reception, taking on any shape or size imaginable. And if your palette prefers a subtle sweetness, the flavors can lean more moderate, for instance pairing a zippy citrus with a cheese-forward mousse. Especially perfect for your hot, summertime event, check out some of our favs to get inspired and talk to your wedding baker about adding a tasty tart to your own wedding event!      

images via pinterest